Sunday, August 29, 2010

Vicious Little Rabbits

As a pet sitter, never did I think my first experience pet sitting a cute cuddly little fuzz ball would turn into a heart-pounding adventure.

I'll call the little fella "George." The first time I met George was with his owner. He was bouncing around joyfully enjoying the good 'bunny life.' Perhaps not unlike those who reside at a well-known mansion. That, however, was his demeanor in the presence of his owner.

Upon my first visit with George sans client, I reached down to pat him on the head. It all happened like a bad 70's horror flick. He made a strange grunting noise, mounted himself on his hind legs, and lunged at me with his teeth bared! I recoiled in terror.

Composing myself, I retraced my steps and tried to figure out how I could have caused a totally unprovoked attack. I surveyed the animal's enclosure and his surroundings. I assessed George himself, who to the naked eye appeared a gentle doe-eyed creature. Clever, very clever.

I recounted something the client said that now echoed in my head like sage wisdom from Obi Wan Kenobi. "Remember the towel. He likes to play with the towel." Grabbing the towel I flicked it in George's direction. He was skeptical at first. As well he should have been. I could have been out for revenge afterall. He had to be careful.

Realizing I meant no immediate harm, he proceeded to play with the towel. It was then I discovered I had been holding my breath the entire time. I could now breathe. And George could now bare his teeth for eating carrots...instead of fingers.